Immersive Denver is a community arts organization

 seeking to connect Colorado’s experiential creative community, tell the story of regional immersive, and advance efforts around performer and participant safety, agency, access and inclusion.


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Immersive Denver is a volunteer-driven community organization, working since 2018 to connect the Mile High experiential creative community, tell the story of regional immersive, and generate new audiences and opportunities for audience-centered experiential productions. Sign up for our newsletters of monthly regional immersive productions, our events, opportunities and resources for creators, or local playtesting calls.

Monthly production listings

For fans and creators alike, get the region’s definitive listings of immersive performance and installation in the Denver/Boulder area and remote experiential work from Colorado creators. Sent on the first Wednesday of the month, with a second mid-month update as warranted.

Creators Edition newsletters

For professionals, emerging artists and producers, and students interested in learning more about immersive. We publish resources, info about talks and networking events, open calls and opportunities, and more to help make the landscape of Colorado immersive a more equitable place.

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Our monthly production listings and creators edition newsletters are Colorado’s go-to resource for information about the immersive and experiential arts.
Networking events
Prior to the pandemic, our informal gatherings invited professionals, emerging talents, and students from across sectors to meet, learn from, and connect with one another.
Summits & talks
Our community events and educational gatherings facilitate a means for creators to learn from one another and benefit from insight from professionals outside the region as well.
We believe a diverse experiential arts ecosystem depends on a more equitable information landscape. Drawing from our own experience and the knowledge shared at our events, we build resource guides open to all to support the creation of innovative, sustainable experiential art, with an emphasis on access for and by all.

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