About Us

Immersive Denver is a community organization seeking to connect the Mile High experiential creative community, tell the story of regional immersive, and generate new audiences and opportunities for audience-centered experiential productions.

Educational Events

Ever since our inaugural Denver Immersive Summit, we’ve hosted talks, workshops, and special events in collaboration with immersive creators and community partners. Many of our educational events create opportunities for regional professionals to share their own expertise with one another, although we also design events where our community can learn from critically acclaimed creators around the world.


Our monthly production listings newsletter is Colorado’s go-to resource for information about upcoming regional experiential productions. We also produce a special creators edition with opportunities, resources, and food for thought for immersive producers and performers and a playtesting listserv through which we help producers find test audiences for their shows.


Prior to the pandemic, we hosted regular happy hours and special preview or post-show gatherings where professionals from across a multitude of experiential arts could meet each other and connect. Our immersive design sprints are also designed to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration in service of boundary-pushing experiential event design.

Online resources

Drawing from our own experience and the knowledge shared at our events, we build resource guides open to all to support the creation of innovative, sustainable experiential art, with an emphasis on access and equity for and by all.

By the Numbers

Some of the stats behind what Immersive Denver has done so far! We are proud to be a volunteer-driven and artist-led organization. We are so grateful to our collaborators, sponsors, and partnering organizations throughout our history whose support has made our events possible.

Community talks, events, and summits

Regional immersive productions promoted

Resources and guides created or shared

Newsletter subscribers

What We Do

We believe Colorado can become a top global destination for immersive experience. The state boasts the most escape room companies per capita alongside thriving industries in theatre, festival design, circus entertainment, and haunted houses, and Boulder is a national hub for other interactive arts like game design and creative technology. We also have an audience like almost nowhere else: the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood area leads the nation in attendance at performing arts events. 

When we think about the future of regional immersive art, these are the values we are trying to support with the work of Immersive Denver:

Push the boundaries of the art

The sky is the limit when it comes to transformative experience design, and we believe the diversity of expertise and talent in the region is the recipe for innovation in the art. Our community events and educational gatherings facilitate a means for creators to learn from one another and benefit from insight from professionals outside the region as well.

Prioritize access and inclusion for creators and audiences

While we are proud of the ways Colorado is a national leader in the arts, the reality of who exactly creates work or participates in productions paints a much less equitable picture. The often high startup expenses of experiential event production, lack of easy-to-find information about local funding opportunities, and complexity of permitting or permissions processes for site-specific work make this an even bigger issue for the immersive arts. A driving goal in our resource development and educational event design is to share information and best practices to help level the playing field by providing a more equitable information landscape.

Build community

We believe an arts community is best thought of as an ecosystem and that the secret to innovation and resilience is in a diversity of experiences and actors. Our newsletters seek to create an equitable platform to share events and arts opportunities with the broader community, regardless of an organization’s social following, media connections, or advertising budget. At our events, we invite emerging talents, students, and professionals from across sectors to meet, learn from, and connect with one another.


Tell the story of Mile High Immersive

As mostly also creators ourselves, we know that documentation often takes a backseat in the creative process, but we also believe that tracking our community’s progress is important when it comes to serving the future. Through this work we want to help track and tell the evolving story of regional audience-centered production design through our newsletters, interview features, and beginning in 2020 an Annual Report.

The Team

Immersive Denver is a volunteer-driven organization by choice, made possible thanks to the time gifted into it by people who believe in the potential of this community as well as the generosity of our sponsors to make our events possible. Right now this is our core team, but we welcome anyone else willing to contribute time and energy into this work! E-mail us at hello@immersivedenver.com with a little about yourself and let’s connect! 

Jenny Filipetti

Co-founder & director

David Thomas


Christine Woods

Social media & research

Get immersed

Immersive Denver is a volunteer-driven community organization, working since 2018 to connect the Mile High experiential creative community, tell the story of regional immersive, and generate new audiences and opportunities for audience-centered experiential productions. Sign up for our newsletters of monthly regional immersive productions, our events, opportunities and resources for creators, or local playtesting calls.