2019 Denver Immersive Retrospectacle

August 15, 2019 in Denver, CO

This one night mini-summit captured the energy and accomplishments of the Mile High immersive community while giving makers, producers, performers and patrons a chance to mingle during pre-event activities and a post-event mixer.

The evening featured a keynote by Jaakko Stenros, a Finnish game researcher and scholar who specializes in playfulness through a variety of game types. His talk centered on Nordic live action role-playing (LARP), which pushes the boundaries of immersive form and content through a variety of themes and structures. 

The event also feature a year-in-review of major local immersive productions and accomplishments in the areas of theatre and dance, art and installations, attractions and events, and everything in between! Attendees received a copy of the Denver Immersive Summit Yearbook, a handy who’s who of regional immersive art and entertainment creators and producers.

About the Denver Immersive Retrospectacle

The Retrospectacle was a one night celebration of Mile High Immersive Art and Entertainment. The evening featured local experts wrapping up the state of the industry in Colorado and capping off the evening with a facinating lecture by LARP scholar Jaakko Stenros.

Check out the talks below!

Retrospectacle: Introduction by David Thomas

David Thomas is a professor in the architecture department at the University of Colorado Denver and studies fun (https://professoroffun.com/). He co-founded Immersive Denver with fellow faculty member and multimedia artist Jenny Filipetti (https://jennyfilipetti.com/2019/)

Charlie Miller on Theater and Dance

Charlie Miller is the curator of Denver Center for Performing Arts’ Off-Center and the founder of the Denver Immersive Artists League (https://www.denvercenter.org/about-us…).

Mo Spyx on Art and Installation

Mo Spyx (Molina Speaks) is a Denver-based visionary, artist, musician, living word architect, and human bridge. (http://www.molinaspeaks.com/)

Sarah Cai on Puzzles & Haunts

Sarah Cai is co-owner and co-founder of Puzzah Escape Rooms (https://www.puzzah.com/).

Brian Corrigan on Retail, Restaurants & Marketing

Brian Corrigan is a Denver-based creative strategist who uses critical, creative and conceptual skills to solve problems and issues in the new economy (https://www.briancorrigan.net/).


Andrew Novick’s Grab Bag

Andrew Novick is a Denver native and creative polymath ranging from photography, food, music and immersive experiences. (http://isaveeverything.com/)

Dan Greiner on Accessibility

Dan Greiner is a Denver-based designer and educator. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dangriner/)

Jaakko Stenros on Nordic LARP

Jaakko Stenros, Ph.D, a Finnish game researcher and scholar who specializes in playfulness through a variety of game types. (https://jaakkostenros.wordpress.com/)

Denver Immersive Yearbook

Retrospectacle attendees recieved a printed a copy of the Denver Immersive Yearbook. Download a digitial copy today.

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