2018 Denver Immersive Summit

November 10, 2018 in Denver, CO

The Denver Immersive Summit started with a recognition that something exciting was happening in the arts and entertainment world. Whatever “immersive” was, it was generating conversation and leading to exciting new experiments and productions.

We have been fortunate to meet so meet so many talented and interesting artists, makers, performers, writers, dreamers and producers. And we wanted to find a way to bring together these dynamic communities together. Immersive arts and entertainment was our excuse, the Denver Immersive Summit was our scheme to pull it off.

With the help of many from the community, including our sponsors, our board and mostly our planning committee, we threw a big party, called it Year 0 and invited you all to come. Not only did you come, you sold out all the seats and even generated a giant waitlist!

The Denver Immersive Summit was envision and produced my Jenny Filipetti and David Thomas with the support of the University of Colorado Denver and Meow Wolf, with the additional generous support of the Denver community.

    About the Denver Immersive Summit

    • Opening keynotes
      • Come Together. Right Now!
        Lonnie Hanzon, Denver-based Immersive Designer, offers a call to action for all branches of the Denver Immersive Community.
      • Exploring The Art of Presence
        Noah J. Nelson, editor of No Proscenium walks through the range and opportunity for immersive creatives.
    • Closing panel of Colorado creatives featuring:
    • Closing keynote by Jenny Weinbloom, Executive Producer of Meow Wolf Denver.

    By the numbers

    • This event sold out 250 seats. 40 of these were awarded as event scholarships to current students and educators thanks to the support of Meow Wolf and the University of Colorado Denver.
    • 31 creatives and entrepreneurs led 12 breakout sessions. They joined us from fields as diverse as theatre, events management, video game design, the arts, puzzle room design, VR, and more!

    Event Partners

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