Immersive Espresso

Join us for this series of free 50-minute virtual pick-me-ups around rebooting immersive in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Hear from creative pioneers & learn tips and resources for fueling your own immersive work in changing times, all brought to you by Immersive Denver.

Register for the Zoom link to be able to ask questions and participate in polls. All events will also stream live to the Immersive Denver Facebook page.

The next brew:

Immersive Espresso | Going Virtual

Wed. June 24th at 12pm MDT (online)

With the first-ever Denver Fringe Festival coming up this weekend, we snagged an hour with Vancouver-based actor, magician, and entrepreneur Khalil Ashanti, who not only has a piece in Fringe but also developed the streaming and ticketing platform that will back several of the performances. Learn some of the best practices for going virtual that Khalil has synthesized by watching hundreds of artists on his platform make the switch from live to online events over the course of this pandemic. We’ll also be talking community-building, the psychology of experience, and some of the strategies that are on his mind for growing your audience even in challenging times.

Future brews

Immersive Espresso | Take Back the Streets

To be rescheduled

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented ideas. Hear from local creators how they’ve invented new physical formats in urban space to keep the arts thriving at a safe social distance, and what they’ve learned so far along the way. Featuring Cole and Mike Huling of the Handsome Little Devils with Project Joy Bomb and Doug Kacena, artist and owner/director of K. Contemporary art gallery, with #ArtFindsUs, two projects bringing art to the streets and making a difference in their communities.

Handsome Little Devils

Handsome Little Devils is an entertainment, design and performance company that specializes in original experiential works for festivals, events and theater. Creators Mike and Cole Huling have toured the world with their work, renowned as “world-builders, experience makers,  magicians, and visionaries,” in the words of 303 Magazine.

Check out Project Joy Bomb here or read more about the Handsome Little Devils in this 2019 article from 303 Magazine.

Doug Kacena

Doug Kacena is an artist, designer, and arts community-builder, heralded by the Denver Post as “one of Denver’s most gifted abstract artists” while also supporting other artists as co-owner of Artuvus Studios, partners with 1261 Gallery and Abend Gallery in 1412 Gallery Collective, and co-owner and director of K Contemporary gallery in Denver.

Learn more about the #ArtFindsUs project here and Doug’s other upcoming plans that reimagine the art gallery here, both from Westword.

Immersive Espresso | Creativity for the Common Good with Evan Weissman

Coming this July!

Past brews

Immersive Espresso | The Art of Mass Gatherings

Wed. June 17th at 6pm MDT (online)

Join us for a conversation around how creative communities need not be the first ones vulnerable to change but rather among the first thinkers/doers leading the response, whether confronting pandemic, supporting activism, or providing disaster relief. Led by Matthew Ché Kowal and Molly North of Majestic Collaborations, the Art of Mass Gatherings uses festivals as classrooms to activate an arts-focused approach to resilience. The work of Majestic Collaborations is informed by extensive experience supporting arts organizations in the development of emergency preparedness plans as well as producing New Belgium’s Tour de Fat festival and hundreds of other events and workshops around the country. Molly also works in resilience and planning as a civil engineer.

Check out more of their work at

Immersive Espresso | Space Like Never Before

Thurs. May 25th at 6pm MDT (online)

Get an insider’s view of tactics for finding and using space in an urban landscape that is more open than ever to innovative ideas. Entrepreneurs and real estate pros Jason Shepherd of Reactiv and Archipelago Clubs, and Tim Sack, activation director at Reactiv and creative placemaker, will explain the new status of space today and walk you through alternative pricing models, opportunities for collaborative property sharing with existing business, and crafting your value proposition to build creative, safe solutions that work for creators, landlords, and businesspeople alike. 

Jason Shepherd

Jason Shepherd is an investor, entrepreneur and community builder. For the past several years, he has been reimagining the role of property owners, galvanizing them to serve as hosts to connect community. Jason is co-founder of Atlas Real Estate, a wellness-based social club (Archipelago) and marketplace technology platform (REACTIV).

Tim Sack

Tim Sack is a designer and placemaker who has spent his career developing engaging environments and events that focus on community and facilitating conversation to provide greater impact. He is the activation director of REACTIV.