Our Past Events

Summer 2020 / Spring to summer 2021

Immersive Espresso Speaker Series

An online speaker series of virtual pick-me-ups, first launched around the notion of rebooting immersive in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Hear from creative pioneers & learn tips and resources for fueling your own immersive work in changing times.

15 August 2019

Denver Immersive Retrospectacle

Looking back at the year of 2019 in Mile High immersive and ahead to the future of immersive art. Featuring keynote speaker Jaako Stenros and topic speakers Dan Griner, Andrew Novick, and Molina Speaks.

10 November 2018

Denver Immersive Summit

The one-day gathering for skill-sharing and networking that launched the Immersive Denver community.

September 2019

Denver Startup Week Immersive Sprint & Networking Night

In collaboration with the Denver Startup Week Designer Track, we gave three local immersive creators/companies a micro-grant to develop an experiential installation in a RiNo warehouse for the Denver Startup Week audience, created over the course of 72 hours and viewable throughout the week. At our Immersive Arts & Business Happy Hour creative networking night, Startup Week attendees engaged with the storytelling power and fun of experiential art firsthand, experiencing the activated sprint installations and performances. Participating artists/companies were: Control Group Productions, Melinda Cary of the Shamanic Dolls, and Jesse Hanson, with an additional installation created by Cody Borst. The Immersive Arts & Business Happy Hour also featured a Multisensory Nametag Station designed by Andrew Novick and Jenny Filipetti, live demos of Full Body Sound technology, and conversation-starting fortune tellers by Linda Klein. Detailed page coming soon!

Additional Talks and Workshops

February 2019

Immerse in Access

How can we create welcoming, affirmative spaces and experiences for all patrons, even under the constraints of limited budgets and resources? Led in partnership with the DCPA Off-Center and Phamaly Theatre. This event was a local partner event for the international HERE Summit and Festival.

February 2019

Tools of the Trade: An Evening with the Creators of Natura Obscura

Jen Mosquera and Eric Jaenike, founders of Prismajic, give a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process of their celebrated interactive immersive environment Natura Obscura. In collaboration with the MOA.

January 2019

Denver Immersive Theatre Community Gathering

Following up on the momentum of our 2018 Summit, we teamed up with the DCPA Off-Center to host a gathering attended by over 100 creators about the big questions and next steps our immersive theatre community seeks.

March 2019

The Aesthetics of Immersion

A talk about the aesthetics that guide immersion from scholars John Sharp and David Thomas on the release of their book Fun, Taste, and Games. Hosted in collaboration with the Enchantment Society.

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